Helping female executive and high-achieving women create work-life balance without sacrificing your career.

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Corporate Women Unleashed changes what is possible for corporate women. You are taught that your career – and life – is two-dimensional: there’s “work” and there’s “life”. This traditional view of work-life balance is too limiting. And after spending years climbing the corporate ladder, highly successful executive women are burnt out, disillusioned, and wondering what all the hard work was really for.

You have a beautiful home, amazing career, and a supportive family. You’ve created wealth and reached the top, yet something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Success isn’t as fulfilling as you thought it would be and work-life balance isn’t happening.

Should you lean in? Should you lean out? Should you simply be grateful for what you’ve got? The answer is none of these. It’s time for corporate women to redefine success and start living on your own terms. It’s time you learn how to create a calm, balanced life that is congruent with a successful career. Are you ready to redefine life on your terms?


Corporate Women Unleashed is a selective program designed for busy, corporate women with limited spare time. A small number of women are invited into CWU each month to learn how to create a successfully balanced life without sacrificing career success. CWU is laser-focused on helping you achieve your goals quickly. Working together in a private cohort of professional women we teach you the exact steps you need to regain control of your career, instead of your career controlling you.

If you are here, you have probably tried to find work-life balance through traditional methods like time management, hiring nannies or meal delivery services, going back to grad school, seeing a therapist and shifting priorities…and you found that these don’t work. That’s because these methods are merely stop-gaps, not foundational, sustainable shifts. The only way to live an abundant, balanced life starts inside of YOU and the willingness to shift how you approach your career.

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