Ever Feel Like You Just Need A Moment to Lie Down?

Kathleen Byars | October 1, 2016

As an international business executive, I spent a lot time on airplanes. When you’re a frequent flier, you get a lot of perks. My favorite airline was always British Airways. When I arrived at DFW airport, a B.A. representative would greet me and my driver at the curb. My driver would hand over my bags and the BA rep would hand me my boarding pass. I walked straight to the executive lounge. No lines. No waiting. I had a lot of miles with B.A.

One year British Airways offered me a free trip anywhere in the world. The trip was part of an exclusive customer appreciation promotion for high volume, frequent fliers. I chose Maui. My business travel took me all over the world, but never to the beach. I wanted to go to the beach.

My trip was scheduled for Thanksgiving week. As the holidays loomed closer I needed to prepare. My dog would require boarding. The cat sitter notified. And I needed to buy beach wear. Yet, I delayed.

Weeks turned into days and I still avoided making the necessary trip arrangements. My flight to Maui was scheduled to depart on a Monday. I never boarded the plane.

British Airways had kindly offered me an all-inclusive, one-week trip to Maui and I skipped the trip.

As my flight departed that Monday morning, I was sitting in my pajamas on the living room floor petting my dog. I was too damn tired to even think of boarding a plane.

Years prior, I found myself driving around Sugarland, Texas with my boss, Loury. We worked at Tracy-Locke, an advertising agency in downtown Dallas and had traveled south for client meetings. As we drove from the airport to our client’s offices, Loury looked longingly out the car window at a passing funeral home. She sighed, “I really wish I could just lie down.” I totally understood what she meant. I felt the same way.

Two years after that, I was running through the hallways of another ad agency hoping to get to the bathroom before my next meeting. Sadly for me, the architect who designed the space had placed the bathrooms across the hall from the conference center. As I dashed toward the women’s room, my Group Account Director yelled out the conference room door “Kathleen, we are WAITING ON YOU!” I clenched my teeth and “held it” for another hour.

For anyone who has ever worked in advertising, you know what I mean.

Time is precious. And there will never be enough time to live as much as we want to live.

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Yet, we take time for granted, don’t we? I know I have.

How often do we tell our kiddos that we’ll play “later?” How often do we tell our parents that we will visit “next year?” How often do we tell our friends that we might get together “next weekend?” How often do we tell our dog that we’ll walk him “tomorrow?”

And most importantly, how often do we tell ourselves that we will go fishing, watch the sunset, take a bubble bath, workout, start eating right, write a book, see the world, [insert your own words here] tomorrow?

We think we have good reason. There isn’t quite enough money in our bank account. There is a very important project that we must finish. The new team member needs to get up to speed before we take a break.

We are such a lot of VIPs aren’t we? And when you are a very important person you certainly cannot dilly dally around the fishing pond each weekend. Skipping workouts are simply a part of the drill. Oh and our parents? They don’t mind the infrequent visits. They’re proud of the VIP we’ve become.

It took me a long time to break out of that mindset. Even after leaving the corporate world I had trouble reprioritizing my life. I thought the corporate world is what made my life manic. I thought my executive position is why I had so little time to enjoy the good life.

I was wrong. The reason I couldn’t enjoy the good life is that I didn’t know how. And I took time for granted.

What about you? If you created more time in your life what would you do to fill it? What passions or precious moments are you missing? If you have a moment (no pun intended!), leave a comment below. Maybe we can all learn from one another.

I believe we all have a bit of trailblazer inside us, don’t you? It’s my passion to help others create change. I’ve always found that disrupting the status quo leads to an amazing life where nothing is impossible.

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