If you want to:

  • Help successful professional women continue to excel as corporate leaders without sacrificing their personal life

  • Help hundreds of female leaders avoid burnout so they continue to have impact and bring diversity to the boardroom

  • Help save women from losing their health, damaging their marriage, and giving up their happiness by learning to navigate their high-profile careers with freedom

Then we are hiring...

Here's what you can expect when working with us:

  • LOCATION INDEPENDENT: You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as it's convenient for our clients. We are all about outcomes.

  • WHAT WE LOOK FOR: We are ethical, go-getters, results-driven, decisive, and client-focused. Our word is our bond. Exuding those qualities is non-negotiable.

  • OUR BENEFITS: We are 100% virtual with advanced sales training programs, the ability to work remotely, semi-annual team retreats, and more.

The VP of ENROLLMENT position is a front-line role for vetting and onboarding new clients. Highly qualified leads schedule a call after jumping through 15 mini-commitments along the way. By the time they reach YOU, they are highly engaged. 

Within the space of a 45-75 minute call, it's your job to help them understand the gravity of their situation, the consequences if they don't take action, and enroll them IF they are a fit for what we do. We turn down 60% of the professionals who come to us. It's about finding the right fit so we maintain our 97% success rate and elicit a strong lifetime client value.

Experience working with executives is a strong plus. You'll need to relate to the client.

You MUST have empathy and a deep understanding of the challenges and sacrifices executive women make. If you believe hyper-successful people are lucky and have no room to complain this is not the role for you.

You MUST be well-versed in corporate-speak and be able to converse on this level. If you are unfamiliar with the corporate realm and have little experience speaking with executives this is not the role for you.

You MUST think on your feet and not be scared to ask difficult questions and be open to learning our modality of sales qualification. If you are not self-motivated, an A-player, and someone with a reputation for excellence who is also willing to learn anew this is not the role for you.

You MUST be articulate and computer literate. Administrative details, quantifiable results, and quality experience are critical for client success. If you need an administrative assistant to type your emails this is not the role for you.

You MUST be 100% committed to working with us. This role is 40 hours per week and commission-only plus BONUSES. Once you achieve mastery, there is an opportunity to work 4 days per week average. If you are looking for a part-time mommy job or a temporary gig while you build your consulting biz, this is not the role for you.

You MUST have SKY HIGH INTEGRITY and be willing to refuse an enrollment if the women is not qualified EVEN THOUGH you will miss out on commission. If you are a high-ticket closer or fast-talking sales jockey this is not the role for you.

Next Steps

We are looking for someone who ideally has client facing -or- sales experience, high attention to detail, a track record of decisive problem solving, and has worked from home before. This position requires you to be on the phone for several hours a day and able to keep a strong mindset throughout.  

Need to be comfortable with a commission only based structure. $100K+ first-year income projection. Performance-based cash bonuses. Sales, leadership, & self-development coaching. Team well-being classes and well-being retreats.

To be considered a good fit for this job, you need to be a quick study, detail-oriented, coachable, and able to work independently. You should be able to take direction and feedback without having to be micro-managed. We care about attitude and enthusiasm, but we're also looking for someone who can hit the ground running.  

If all this sounds like a great opportunity, please fill out the application below!  

Katheen Byars, CEO

Corporate Women Unleashed is changing the world. We are creating a seismic shift in how success will be achieved and measured for generations to come.

Today, we help hyper-successful women out of suffering. We take a stand for these women because no one else will and we stand up to these high achievers out of love and dedication to our mission.

Our mission is not easy, but it is simple. We do not wait for the world to recognize they need us...we are here to WAKE THE WORLD UP to a new way of living and working that is unconventional and far from status quo.
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