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From anxious to calm.

Meet the amazing Andrini.

Within 60 Days of joining Corporate Women Unleashed, Andrini went from an overwhelmed over-achiever to a happy mom and wife.

Andrini was looking for a new job when she entered our program…and she was worried that she would once again start off a new role on the wrong foot – trying to prove her worth with hard-work and long hours.

Check out this raw footage where Andrini breaks down her challenges, talks about the balance she learned to create and shares her delight in the balance life she now lives.

Learn how Andrini implemented proven strategies to create work-life balance without sacrificing her successful, breadwinner career.

She is now excited to take her life from unleashed to unlimited.


Stepping back didn’t work.

Meet breadwinner Val.

Val was exhausted and frustrated that her recent step back from her VP role didn’t result in the balanced life she craved.

She still woke up at 2am to send emails. And she collapsed in bed early each night from sheer mental exhaustion while her family had fun without her.

“I want to be the fun Mom!” Val shared.

Check out this interview where Val shares why she was stuck working 24/7 and how she learned to disconnect and embrace a balanced life.

Learn how Val put into action the strategies she needed to become the fun mom and stop missing out on her own life.

She is proof that a balanced life does not require a trade-off between time and money.


From perfectionist to perfectly balanced.

Meet executive Lindsey.

Lindsey quickly moved up the career ladder to a prominent leadership position. She also has three littles under the age of six.

Lindsey was stuck not wanting to move forward with the career trajectory her company and management expected. She wanted greater fulfillment at work and more balance so she didn’t have to sacrifice motherhood for her career.

Learn how Lindsey was able to recalibrate her approach to her career and find a surprising new role that delivered what she was looking for. And how to relax her own high standards so she could stop internalizing her work and disconnect at the end of the day.

She has defined success on her terms and is living a fulfilling, balanced life without sacrificing her upward success.


From chaos to calm

Meet roadwarrior Morgan.

Morgan is a successful sales rep who was spending more time spinning her wheels trying to coordinate the logistics of life with two young kids and a traveling husband than actually living her beautiful life.

The thought of taking a night off for a hockey game was overwhelming. And family evenings were a blur instead of bliss as emails from her boss and client texts encroached on her personal time.

Learn how Morgan was able to create a new relationship with her career that put her in charge of her schedule, created win-win boundaries at the office and at home, and gave her a simpler, spontaneous life that she had been missing.

She has created a connected, calm life for herself and her family without changing her career one bit.


From burned out to blissfully balanced breadwinner.
Meet dual career Gina.
Gina has this amazing capacity to serve an active role in the military while also commanding an enviable executive career. She is also the sole breadwinner of her family that includes two little girls under the age of six and a full-time stay-at-home dad.
Gina was exhausted and despondent as she kept her foot on the gas trying to prove her worth. She wanted greater fulfillment at work, less stress, and manageable working hours so she could be the calm, fun mom she used to be.
Learn how Gina reduced her workload by 10 hours per week, recalibrated her career and even took up a long-lost hobby of painting while getting PROMOTED to VP during her time in our program!


She was ready for a new relationship with her career
Meet super achiever, Lana
Lana’s client-facing work had her “always-on” and when she did unplug, she anxiously worried about the next challenges ahead. She became so emotional under the weight of all the pressure, she eventually snapped and left her career.
Lana has two pre-teens boys who noticed her continual absence and were voicing their concerns. Her husband had also grown accustomed to being second-place to the constant stream of emails and office demands. Lana wanted to put her family first, but she needed a roadmap so she wouldn’t fall back into her old habits once again.
For Lana, bliss was meeting her husband at the door by the end of the day and taking time out midday to visit her boys’ in school. Lana is now empowered with the exact tools and strategies she needs to stay in balance and how to navigate her career on a whole new level.

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