Can You Succeed by Doing Less? Ask a Sloth...

Kathleen Byars | August 19, 2017
I’ve written a post today inspired by an article my husband came across just yesterday.
The article is about sloths.
I’ll link to it below, but here’s the gist…
People are going bananas for sloths. So much so that they’re lining up for hours to admire them in local zoos. The reason?
Sloths are the antithesis of a harried, hectic lifestyle.
And in a world obsessed with “success is more”…sloths offer a momentary reprieve from lives gone awry with anxiety and stress.
When visitors first see the sloth up close many will burst into tears.
Why the emotion?
Years of running on work-life treadmills…lives pushing toward success…yet somehow never quite arriving, no?
Sloths take up to 20 minutes to eat a single green bean.
Do you remember the last time you even chewed your food? Or what you ate last night?
Hopefully so, yet for many people, that’s not the case.
Day after day of frenetic sameness pervades the average life.
Alarm clocks meld into commutes that meld into office meetings that meld into emails that meld into traffic jams and airline flights that meld into takeout dinners, a few minutes of kid time, a quick shower, more emails and then bed.
Only to get up again the next day and do it all over again.
Geez. No wonder sloths have such strong appeal!
Do you know what I mean?
If you’re experiencing the harried life, do you mind if I ask why? I mean, I totally get it…I once did the same.
Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Believe it or not, red pills are available for those interested in redefining success on your own terms.
Sloths aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the good life you know…
Hope your week ahead is languid, relaxing, and slow…
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