Bucket List Challenge!

Kathleen Byars | July 9, 2017
I took my two boys to our local science museum this past week. I love it there.
Whoever came up with the idea for hands-on museums deserves the Parenting Nobel Peace Prize.
Any educational facility that can charm and delight to active boys for hours as they peek under, gaze into, experiment with, and skip for joy instantly deserves first prize.
Love it!
At the museum, we wandered through the butterfly exhibit, which includes a hallway dedicated to the Monarch butterfly migration.
And experiencing the migration has been on my bucket list for years.
So I asked my husband to schedule a trip for us this year to go see it. Bucket list CHECK!
And this got me thinking that it would be delightful to challenge all of my readers to a bucket list challenge.
If you’re game – (and I know you are) – then leave a comment below!
Pick THREE items from your bucket list and put these into action.
  • Something you can do in the next two months (train for a 5K, take swimming lessons, learn a language)
  • Something you can schedule in the next six months (go skydiving, see the Grand Canyon, etc.)
  • Something you can commit to doing in the next two years (African safari, become a foster parent, start a foundation, etc.)
Let’s start living our lives TODAY, eh? Can’t WAIT to see what you decide to post!

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