Are You Living the Life You Want?


Corporate Women Unleashed™

Coaching for corporate women ready to redesign their career around family & fulfillment without sacrificing success.

In 2004, I walked away from a skyrocketing executive career to live on an island. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Along the way, I learned a critical lesson: whatever you want in life you can have. I learned to reset my thinking and discovered the process for creating an extraordinary life – a life on my own terms.

I provide coaching and training to corporate and professional women on how to design the next phase of your career to be deeply fulfilling and balanced – so you can enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for instead of always waiting for tomorrow. We put corporate women back in touch with your self, your family and ultimately your destiny – and show you exactly how to build the good life you thought you would be enjoying by now.

I help corporate women redefine success on their own terms and learn what’s truly possible.

In a world that highlights the two paths women can take, Kathleen Byars is an accessible encouraging voice that gave me permission to dream my own dream and live a life that is true to my values while building the support of a like-minded community.  She is starting a new conversation – no, I can’t have it all but I can have everything that is important.  If Kate goes back to that island, we are all coming with her!

I am one of those people who want it all – a rewarding career, time with my family and doing jobs on my terms.  Until I met Kate, people scoffed at my plan and maybe even rolled their eyes a little.  A little adrenaline rush from Kate and here I am, working from home, spending every waking hour with my kids and getting up with a new excitement to my day.  No man is an island – find your tribe.


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