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Are You Living the Life You Want?

Redefine the Good Life™

Coaching for corporate professionals ready to succeed on their terms.

In 2004, I walked away from a skyrocketing executive career to live on an island. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Along the way, I learned a critical lesson: whatever you want in life you can have. I learned to reset my thinking and discovered the process for creating an extraordinary life – a life on my own terms.

The good life is your life. It’s an authentic, meaningful life filled with what is most precious to you. It’s successful. It’s abundant. It’s a life filled with joy and contentment. It’s the life that is waiting for you.

I believe everyone has the ability to create an extraordinary life. It’s my passion to help others embrace change and create the life you really want.

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The Balanced Corporate Mom is a coaching program exclusively for professional women who are struggling to balance demanding careers with motherhood. You CAN create the calm, balanced, family-centric life you want! Learn more in our Facebook group.

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Executives Unleashed is a coaching program designed for corporate professionals who are looking for deeper meaning and balance in their career and possibly looking at alternate career options. To learn more contact Kate.

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