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Are You Living the Life You Want?


Redefine the Good Life™

Coaching for corporate professionals ready to succeed on their terms.

In 2004, I walked away from a skyrocketing executive career to live on an island. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Along the way, I learned a critical lesson: whatever you want in life you can have. I learned to reset my thinking and discovered the process for creating an extraordinary life – a life on my own terms.

The good life is your life. It’s an authentic, meaningful life filled with what is most precious to you. It’s successful. It’s abundant. It’s a life filled with joy and contentment. It’s the life that is waiting for you.

I believe everyone has the ability to create an extraordinary life. It’s my passion to help others embrace change and create the life you really want.

How to Leave the Corporate World and Live Successfully

99% of the fears about leaving the corporate world are FLAWED. Do these three things and you will thrive!
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Is Lack of Authenticity Killing Your Success?

You may be struggling with growth in your business. Or perhaps you’ve come to a crossroads in your own life. How can you be successful and suffering? What is the missing piece to the puzzle that you cannot seem to figure out?
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Are You Letting Your Career Ruin Your Life?

Are you mistaking being valued to mean hours on the job? It's one of the biggest career mistakes I see and one that prevents you from a family-centered life
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